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    Bob Morgan

    Robert makes house calls.

    Contact him at:


    Edie Dougherty

    Edie does hands-on training on your own Mac.
    Get the most from OS X apps.
    Phone: 760-333-0070


    Chari Godakanda
    Chari teaches hands-on workshops
    for PhotoShop and digital photography.
    2612 South Cherokee Way, Palm Springs, California 92264
    Phone: 760.202.1555


    CSS (Computer Service & Sales)

    2220 Eastridge Ave., Suite H, Riverside, CA 92507

    Phone: (951) 656-4226


    Best Buy
    44-449 Town Center Wy, Palm Desert, CA 92260
    Phone: 760-776-1068
    79220 Hwy 111, La Quinta, CA 92253
    Phone: 760-396-9368
    1650 2nd St, Beaumont, CA 92223
    Phone: 951-845-1194
    Apple authorized repair service - Carry-in only


    Denise Welch


    One-one-one onsite help. We support both Macintosh and Windows PCs. $95 per hour - 1 hour minimum. No travel fee in Coachella Valley. Phone: 760-341-3438.



    71680 Hwy. 111, Suite E (just west of The River),
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
    Phone: 760-837-0070.

    Apple authorized sales and service. Upgrades, repairs (both in and out of warranty), refurbishing. One-on-one training $25/hr. Seminars on apps and basic use. In-home installation. One hour of free training with purchase.

    Macs can have their own special brand of problems.
    Apple’s support site has effective forums, but sometimes they can turn into complaint centers where everybody acknowledges having the problem, but no one seems to have a solution.

    CNet’s gets around this by taking select Apple forum questions and answering them on its site. In one post, a Mac user wrote on an Apple forum that he was experiencing problems with Time Machine backups. Most of the thread’s other users chimed in only to say that they had the same problem. MacFixIt then stepped in and offered its solution.

    In addition to an active forum, MacFixIt also offers useful tutorials with digestible instructions, and explanations, on everything from sleep problems to reinstalling your system.

    Of course, it’s better to find advice for your exact Mac.’s Q.& A. section is broken down by model, so if you’re dealing with MacBook Pro problems, you can go to that section.

Contact info: email: yuccavalley711 located on the server gmail period com.
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